Influence Based Leadership

Perfecting the art of leadership is something not easily attainable. In fact the mere start of my previous sentence 'perfection' makes it impossible to achieve. But there is certainly some phenomenal leaders in the workplace that make a visible positive impact on teams, while others just cause damage or foster indifference. Here are three key attributes project leaders should have and nurture...

The Design Science Research

2019 is the year that will (hopefully) witness my graduation and attaining my MSc in Applied Project Management. The journey has been truly educational, demanding, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. Now this is the final part of my degree when I have to work on my dissertation. Over the past summer, I have given it a proper thought on what I would like to work on and I am happy I am settled on my topic with my supervisor's approval.

Supply Chain Value through Certification Bodies

When we talk about procurement and managing your suppliers relationship, we always think of time, money, value, and efficiency in the processes we have in place. I believe it is fair to say that you have probably started thinking about the best supplier you have and potentially the one you dread the most. But have … Continue reading Supply Chain Value through Certification Bodies