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Rashad in Conversation is an idea that has been brewing for a long time and thanks to the covid lockdown restrictions, it became a reality!

I bring you some of the very best Quality Professionals from around the world.

Why? Because when I told people I am a Quality professional they often smiled politely and said: “so what is it you do?”

Let us explain this once and for all, and hopefully inspire youngsters to start a career in Quality and help make this world a better place.

Join me as I speak with professionals to talk about their career journey, their successes and their deepest darkest confessions. For more conversations, tune in for Business Leaders and Quality professionals calibrating and collaborating to drive sustained success.

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I am Rashad Issa. A Chartered Quality Professional helping businesses implement strategies for their sustained success. With background in hospitality and tourism, I love talking with people and understanding their journeys. Read more

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