Quality Spot


ISO9001 is an internationally recognised standard that allows organisations to build a robust quality management system. The standard which can also be referred to as Business Management system is about having processes in place.

Any work you do produces a result in the end. This result is either used in another step to create the end product or service or is the end product or service that customers use. Customers being internal and/or external. ISO9001 presents an approach that puts the customer at the heart of the organisation. The standard highlights inputs and outputs, and all the support needed to achieve the desired outputs.

Check out the articles below to learn more about case studies from implementing the standard globally. The standard in itself is a great support to drive results. Combining it with a structured approach like Project Management can certainly increase success.

  • Presentation Skills How to Win Your Audience - Having the knowledge is very powerful but does not stand sufficient. In today's world where influencing other is a key factor to achieve your work, presentation skills are very important.
  • Addressing Quality in Clinical Trials - The Quality Professionals must get more involved in the health sector! Dr. Will Scott over Addressing Quality for Clinical Trials. 31% is the mortality rate for ovarian cancer in the UK vs 37% in Europe.
  • Assuming that Tomorrow is like Today is Probably Wrong - Could a robot do your job? Will the dilemma of Artificial Intelligence & Ethics every come to an end? SAMI Consulting presented 6 mega trends to the CQI London Branch in October.
  • An International Quality Framework – The CQI - The Chartered Quality Institute, an organisation that is raising the bar for the Quality Profession has defined a framework made of 5 core competencies for Quality professionals...
  • 4 Different techniques to Project Selection - The context of each organisation is important to determine the tool and technique to use while going through project selection. However, following one of those 4 approaches can facilitate and pave the road to success
  • What can a Project Manager do? - Project Management is a framework that has proven successful in different sectors. Knowing what the market is looking for helps understand what is needed.
  • To Make a Plan - What is the benefit of creating a road map? In few steps, you can create your road map to drive results, whether for a project or for your department...
  • An Integrated Business Model - When you are required to operate under different guidelines and standards, do you implement them one by one, and then integrate them, or do you build a structured platform that adapts?