ISO9001 is an internationally recognised standard that allows organisations to build a robust quality management system. The standard which can also be referred to as Business Management system is about having processes in place.

Any work you do produces a result in the end. This result is either used in another step to create the end product or service or is the end product or service that customers use. Customers being internal and/or external. ISO9001 presents an approach that puts the customer at the heart of the organisation. The standard highlights inputs and outputs, and all the support needed to achieve the desired outputs.

Check out the articles below to learn more about case studies from implementing the standard globally. The standard in itself is a great support to drive results. Combining it with a structured approach like Project Management can certainly increase success.

  • I’m Sorry We Can’t Serve You. It’s Covid! - Almost a year after the pandemic changed everything we consider 'normal', it is time for the Quality Professionals to dive deep into business models, helping organisations and Boards navigate through change and crisis, and overcome the 'due to covid' syndrome.
  • Life After Lockdown: 3 Points Assessment for Businesses - Everyone has a role to play in restoring life after lockdown. Strategic Arrow share their insights on there points assessment to help businesses and employees understand their readiness.
  • Risk Strategy Diversity in Risk Thinking - Representation on a Board does not equate to Accountability. Diversity in Risk Thinking is key for a Board to proactively prepare for risks and drive businesses to success. I share my 3 top takeaways from an online discussion led by well established NEDs.
  • 5 Online Ice Breakers to Help You & Your Team Break from the ‘ZoomedOut’ State of Mind - Here are 5 different activities and icebreakers that could bring some fun to your virtual team meetings.
  • Quality Professionals During Covid-19 - During such times and the change covid-19 has imposed on all businesses, I believe that Assurance and Governance are the top priorities Quality Professionals must focus on. In this article, I will explain how the CQI competency framework is key to deploy operational success.
  • Quality at Board Level - Can Quality be brought to the top of the agenda at board levels? If so, what could its impact be? This post shares a successful board and a struggling board. It introduces the United Nations 17 sustainable goals.
  • Strategy, The Beginning of Success - Project Portfolio Strategy, a key module in my MSc that has given me lots of depth and knowledge on tools to use to help organisations succeed in building their strategies. After completing my degree, my professor invited me to speak to the MSc students of Applied Project Management, and bring them some real case scenarios from my work. Here is what happened.
  • Round Up of 2019 Quality Events - 2019 was another successful year for the CQI London branch. We have seen few changes in the committee which brought some fresh ideas to the group. Here is a round up of all the events we held.
  • The CQI at 100 years - A fantastic letter and book from the Chartered Quality Institute on its history over a full century.
  • 3 Things I learnt at the PMI UK Synergy 2019 - PMI celebrate their 50th anniversary with a Synergy in the UK that was inspirational, educational and energising. I share my learnings and opinions on the topcis that were discussed throughout the day.
  • Protecting Society, An Insight into the Power of Quality - As a quality professional, how will you be able to deliver the best outcome for your customer in an eco system. Looking into how getting things wrong has a massive knock on effect on people's lives and society as a whole. Des Kelly from Process Management International shares his insights at a Chartered Quality Institute for London members.
  • Quality Management: Past, Present & Future. A Case from the Manufacturing Sector - The origins of QMS and how it is developing until its current state and how it is progressing into the future. A Great event presented by Thiago Barcelos a chartered quality professional part of the London committee.
  • How to win in the AI world - PMI UK hosted an event on the benefit of Artificial Intelligence and how Project Managers can benefit from this revolution. This does come with areas of concern that each PM should be aware of to ensure success
  • Back to Square 2 – Change Management - Change Management is not easy but can be achieved if the Project Manager creates a system to implement it. Team's buy in is a key starting point.
  • Lean Implementation in Design Engineering - There is a historic trend where people mistake a tool for a framework. Knowing how to use a tool does not mean you have a robust framework that drives positive results across your entire project. Lean methodology is one of these mythes.
  • Why I Volunteer - Things I learn from helping others.. #RashadVolunteers
  • Meetings with Value - Do you spend a lot of your day in meetings? Have you left a meeting thinking 'what was that about'? Here are 3 basic factors to help you drive valuable meetings
  • Quality, a Culture not a Slogan - What does it take for companies to have a quality culture? It is not a slogan, it is an actual set of policies and procedures that require continuous attention to ensure customers are confident in using the service. This article provides an insight on how Quality Management is set up at Workplace Options.
  • Influence or Authority? - When it comes to getting your teams to deliver in a certain way, do you use your authority or do you use influential techniques? Think carefully before you answer this question. This is not a game on words, this could potentially be a dilemma for managers who are very keen on achieving a result promptly.
  • Britain, Four Brexit Scenarios - Risk Management applied for Brexit in a framework presented by Jonathan Blanchard Smith from SAMI Consulting
  • My New Year’s Professional Resolutions - Have you taken time off to reflect and plan? Here are my 2019 professional resolutions..
  • Round up of 2018 Quality Events - A round of all the events that were planned by the CQI London branch volunteers...
  • Series 3: Team Culture and Communication - Understanding the different team structures is important to have a strategy to motivate your team. But motivation cannot be successful if you do not explore and enhance the team's culture...
  • International Quality Awards 2018 - The second international Quality Awards hosted by the CQI took place on Nov 21st, 2018...
  • CQI London’s workshop for World Quality Day - Did you know that world celebrates Quality every year? Are you a Quality Professional seeking to raise the awareness for the Quality Profession? Do you have a team of Quality professionals who would welcome the attention for just one day? Then this is your chance! If you have not heard already, but the world celebrates … Continue reading CQI London’s workshop for World Quality Day