Project Management is becoming more and more needed in businesses that want to grow and achieve impactful results. Having a structured approach to develop a plan makes any operation realistic and increases chances of success.

Project Management Institute (PMI) is globally recognised with standards that breaks down everything one needs to consider while mapping out a project. PMI sets out its commitment to ensuring the Project Economy is well equipped with professionals who understand all the guiding principles, standards and tools and techniques of project management.

Check out the articles below to learn more about best practices and solutions to obstacles you might have come across.

How to: Quality

Welcome to the series of How To:Quality. Your 3 min guide on how Quality Professionals address various business needs to drive Improvement, Assurance, and Governance.

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What is it like Post Graduating?

It is always a pleasure to meet individuals keen to progress their knowledge and are eager to make a difference. UWL invited me to deliver a guest lecture on Project Strategy for their MSc class on Applied Project Management. The students asked me different questions part of the ice breaker. Here are their questions and…

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Baltic Exchange: A Move to Quality4.0 Case Study

Last year the Chartered Quality Institute embarked on detailed research on Quality 4.0 of which I was a part. The research was conducted by Oakland Group. The principles are defined and the foundation for propelling the profession into the future is laid out. Read how the Baltic Exchange moved to Quality 4.0

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Hybrid Working

Many people have been vocalising their aggregation with the return to office. I wanted to add my voice to the conversation because I do have different views and I personally welcome the return to office.

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Quality Profession Benchmark 2022

Whether you participated in the research or not, this workforce insights report should be on your radar if you want to keep your professional development in focus. I share my 3 take aways from it.

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Levelling up Your Supply Chain

Ever been in a situation where you are faced by an issue or an obstacle at work and realise that you have one hand tied because the solution lies with one supplier? This is one scenario where you are faced with an issue. What about other scenarios where you are just working on a project…

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My PMIwhy

I have always been an advocate for volunteering especially when the cause is close to my heart. This year is not any different. I continue to volunteer with Project Management Institute (PMI) as I join the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion global team. A team that is formally set up for the first time to support…

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Your Strategy in Action

Strategy in Action is the second topic NEDonBoard Masterclass explores. It explores the dimensions of an effective strategy, what sustainable leadership looks like and how to put your strategy into action.

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Everything DiSC® – Enhancing Team Engagement

wondered why it is that, at your workplace, you work with some colleagues better than others? Have you ever wondered why some colleagues can sometimes irritate you more than others? This blog explores Everything DiSC® and how it could enhance your team engagement

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NEDs Duties and Responsibilities – Section 170

With so many resources available online on the roles and responsibilities of a NonExecutive Director, it is good to start from a reliable focused source. NEDonBoard has an online Masterclass which starts with the magic numbers of 170s.. The duties of Directors as listed by England and Wales Corporate Law.. Here is what I understand…

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Adaptability & Resilience – Cybersecurity

Understanding the different types of attacks that are currently taking place, and the sophistication of hackers is important to help individuals and companies adapt and become resilient to this new environment. Read on for my take away from a webinar session I attended delivered by Sachin Deodhar.

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Strategy Design vs Strategy Delivery – P9

Fail Fast Learn Fast! If you think that your business plan and strategy are perfect, think again. Situations around us change that guarantee changes to be made. Principle 9 with Brightline Initiative talks about the importance of mistakes.

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Strategy Design vs Strategy Delivery – P8

The importance of knowing your current portfolio status first before embarking on new initiatives is key. You as a leader are obliged to instil trust with your employees by ensuring things get completed and not forgotten. Principle 8 from Brightline Initiative for bridging the gap between strategy delivery and design.

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