Project Spot


Project Management is becoming more and more needed in businesses that want to grow and achieve impactful results. Having a structured approach to develop a plan makes any operation realistic and increases chances of success.

Project Management Institute (PMI) is globally recognised with standards that breaks down everything one needs to consider while mapping out a project. Currently at the fifth edition of the PMBOK Guide (Project Management Book of Knowledge), PMI divides any project into 10 knowledge areas with a total of 47 processes. Sounds a lot? It is simpler than you think.

Check out the articles below to learn more about best practices and solutions to obstacles you might have come across.

  • Presentation Skills How to Win Your Audience - Having the knowledge is very powerful but does not stand sufficient. In today's world where influencing other is a key factor to achieve your work, presentation skills are very important.
  • Addressing Quality in Clinical Trials - The Quality Professionals must get more involved in the health sector! Dr. Will Scott over Addressing Quality for Clinical Trials. 31% is the mortality rate for ovarian cancer in the UK vs 37% in Europe.
  • Assuming that Tomorrow is like Today is Probably Wrong - Could a robot do your job? Will the dilemma of Artificial Intelligence & Ethics every come to an end? SAMI Consulting presented 6 mega trends to the CQI London Branch in October.
  • 4 Different techniques to Project Selection - The context of each organisation is important to determine the tool and technique to use while going through project selection. However, following one of those 4 approaches can facilitate and pave the road to success
  • What can a Project Manager do? - Project Management is a framework that has proven successful in different sectors. Knowing what the market is looking for helps understand what is needed.
  • Value for money: To budget or not to budget? - Helping teams recognise the monetary value of the work they are doing and contributing to a certain project would always help improve their engagement levels.
  • To Make a Plan - What is the benefit of creating a road map? In few steps, you can create your road map to drive results, whether for a project or for your department...
  • Simplifying a Framework - The importance of simplifying any framework is great. It makes the application of the framework to the content of your organisation much easier...