Episode 12

Quality by Design in Pharmaceuticals with Claude Khalil https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/1z2Yz6J2Xxb Dr. Claude Khalil An accomplished seasoned pharmacist specialised in the pharmaceutical industry, her career path is paved with sound knowledge of Pharmaceutical sciences, regulations, and quality management systems. Her passion for project management and healthcare was translated by giving back to community in Teaching and Training … Continue reading Episode 12

Episode 10

Resilience through Humour with Rhian Williams https://anchor.fm/rashadinconversation/episodes/Resilience-through-Humour-with-Rhian-Williams-e1srpiq As a coach and leader, Rhian holds integrity, inclusion and relationships at the heart of what she does. Having originally qualified as a nurse, she progressed into the education. She realised quickly that to maximise her potential, and the potential of those she works with, there had to … Continue reading Episode 10

Episode 9

A Veteran who found his niche in Quality with Mark Walsh https://anchor.fm/rashadinconversation/episodes/A-Veteran-who-found-his-niche-in-Quality-with-Mark-Walsh-e1rldta Mark Walsh is a veteran, a Chartered Quality Professional and member of the Chartered Quality Institute who advocates for Quality in Businesses and has since set up his own business. He left school at the age of 16 with no GCSEs and joined … Continue reading Episode 9

Episode 8

Delegate to scale up with Bastien Siebman https://anchor.fm/rashadinconversation/episodes/Delegate-to-Scale-up-with-Bastien-Siebman-e1p1rim Bastien Siebman is the Chief Technology Officer at iDo-Clarity consulting firm. He joins me in a conversation about the journey he took to set up his own business following his dream; and how scaling up requires clarity on the processes his business have. It is a form … Continue reading Episode 8

Special Episode – World Quality Week

Sustainability & Sustained success Tie the Knot. In this special episode, I have a conversation with a panel of three guests who inspired, clarified and motivated. The skill set quality professionals can bring to the table when they are aware and understand how to include requirements for social, environmental and economic sustainability are great. https://anchor.fm/rashadinconversation/episodes/Sustainability--Sustained-Success-Tie-the-Knot-e19in23Continue reading Special Episode – World Quality Week