Rashad is a Chartered Quality Professional and Project Manager PMP certified, with extensive experience in setting up project management processes and quality standards across different industries, including financial services, retail and employee health and wellbeing.

Currently in the Employee Wellbeing Sector, Rashad leads the global teams of Quality, Learning and Development and Project Management in European markets, the United States and Asia. A major part of his role involvesĀ ensuring strategy mandated by the executive board is delivered and constantly improved. An inspirational leader thriving on the challenges operations bring and together with exceptional stakeholder and risk management, provides innovative, practical and sustainable solutions.

Rashad sits on the Chartered Quality Institute Steering Committee in London and is a mentor for new project managers with the Project Management Institute.

At present, Rashad is studying to obtain MSc in Applied Project Management at the University of West London.

**All the articles published on this website are based on personal professional experiences. They are not endorsed by any of the organisations Rashad is affiliated with.**