Welcome to the series of How To: Quality. Your 3 min guide on how Quality Professionals address various business needs to drive Improvement, Assurance, and Governance.

Quality Professionals, regardless of the sector they work in, strive to help businesses achieve their strategic objectives. They do this in various ways: be it deploying governance frameworks, implementing improvement strategies, or delivering assurance programmes.

In this series, I share simple ways to handle different scenarios (or conundrums) at work. Sometimes, I draw from my own experience. Other times, I tap into the experience of other professionals.

How to:

I will aim to publish this series on monthly basis. Scenarios you can expect are:

  • How to: Complaint management
  • How to: Look at a process
  • How to: Investigate a problem
  • How to: Prepare for an audit
  • How to: Perform when you start a new job

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