It is always good to have a resource to refer to every now and then. Sometimes to look up something specific, and other times to simply get some inspiration from global experts.

Earlier in the week, I had one of those moments where I needed som inspiration from global leaders. Brightline is a source I enjoy a lot because they really publish practical information. I have attended one of their courses couple of years ago on Bridging the Gap between Strategy Design and Strategy Delivery. You can the series of my posts about this courses here.

In this post, I share a framework called SECURE discussed in the book. It aims to help businesses navigate through a crisis by considering 6 touch points.

SECURE is an acronym that refers to:

  • Stakeholders
  • Effective Leadership
  • Communication
  • Unifying Priorities
  • Resources and Operations
  • Enact your Phoenix-like Future

This is a framework introduced in the book by three authors: IAN C. WOODWARD, V. “PADDY” PADMANABHAN AND SAMEER HASIJA”. The aim of it is to walk leaders through 6 touch points to help them survive a crisis, stabilise it and then surge from it. Each touch point in the book is elaborated on and easy to follow.

Brightline Initiative, Transforming Beyond the Crisis (2020)

You can download the book for free here:

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