Delegate to scale up with Bastien Siebman

A Veteran who found his niche in Quality with Mark Walsh Rashad in Conversation

Mark Walsh is a veteran, a Chartered Quality Professional and member of the Chartered Quality Institute who advocates for Quality in Businesses and has since set up his own business. He left school at the age of 16 with no GCSEs and joined the armed forces. He started his career as an 'expeditor' working in the logistics supply chain where he developed his passion to Quality. From there he obtained his qualifications as a Quality Professional, set up his own company and is now supporting clients in the energy (oil, gas and renewables) sector. His company is a boutique consultancy called Q-Sys Solutions, and joins me from Czech Republic. You can connect with Mark on LinkedIn and via his website

Bastien Siebman is the Chief Technology Officer at iDo-Clarity consulting firm. He joins me in a conversation about the journey he took to set up his own business following his dream; and how scaling up requires clarity on the processes his business have. It is a form of governance that will help him drive improvement.

✅ January 10th, 2014. A beautiful winter day in the mountains of France. I am about to make a decision that will shape my life for years to come: I choose Asana as a project management tool for my young startup.

❤️ Fast forward to April 1st, 2022. Almost 10 years have lead me to this rainy Monday: I am now a full-time Asana consultant, and will spend my days helping our clients get the most out of Asana.

🏆 I started to help other people and get paid for it: my side business was born.

🌍 I was working with clients all around the world during my lunch breaks and evenings, when Asana asked me to become a Solutions Partner. And suddenly my dream was at reach: spending my day working on Asana.

🚀 Today, we are helping clients get the most of Asana, thanks to our experience as Asana users ourselves!

You can connect with Bastien on LinkedIn

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