CEOs, COOs, Transformation Specialists, Change Makers, Project Managers, Quality Professionals are all supporting the growth of a business or an organisation. When you are in a leadership position, you get to rely a lot on your past experiences. But you are bound to be put in situations you have not experienced before.

I find it extremely useful when institute’s like Project Management Institute and Brightline release resources I can count on to give pointers and case studies. They have released the Business Transformation Compass with 5 building blocks.

Read more: 5 Building Blocks to Using a Business Transformation Compass

The compass has 5 building blocks that each leader or business should consider:

  • The Northern Star
  • Customer Insights and Megatrends
  • Volunteer Champions
  • Inside – Out Employee Transformation
  • Transformation Operating System

Each one of these building blocks will help you answer a series of questions so you can be ready to embark on a journey with a higher success rate, and make sure your teams are with you on that journey.

PMI & Brightline Video on the Business Transformation Compass

You can access the full resources here and it is free of charge to download, so hurry up!

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