A Villain Converted

Quality by design in Pharmaceuticals with Dr Claude Khalil Rashad in Conversation

Dr. Claude Khalil An accomplished seasoned pharmacist specialised in the pharmaceutical industry, her career path is paved with sound knowledge of Pharmaceutical sciences, regulations, and quality management systems. Her passion for project management and healthcare was translated by giving back to community in Teaching and Training Pharmaceutical sciences and Project management frameworks in well-known universities. Claude graduated from Saint Joseph University Faculty of pharmacy, Beirut. She holds an MBA degree from Newport University California. She is a Project Management Professional certified from Project Management Institute  Her major strengths are in the wide and deep knowledge of current Good Manufacturing Practices, development of generics formulations, and pharmaceutical and health care regulated environment, with an important experience in Project management for the healthcare sector. In addition, she is accredited for Organizational transformation and Quality Management Systems. She is a speaker at various national and international conferences related to Healthcare and Project management. You can connect with Claude on LinkedIn and Twitter   If you enjoyed this episode, please hit subscribe so you get all the recent conversations with professionals from around the world working with Quality.

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