Feb 9th 2021: a date to remember.

I cannot believe it has been a month already. The Chartered Quality Institute launches a branch in the Caribbean region run by a group of Quality enthusiasts. I was delighted to speak at their first event ever, and be part of this great moment. So why is this an important launch?

The CQI launched its 10 year strategy just before the pandemic hit us. The strategy outlines the scope and the roadmap the CQI will take in its second century – well the first decade of its second century. It outlines the work to prepare, transform, and grow. I can give you 2 reasons why the Caribbean branch launch is important.

Before I share my views about its importance, it is important for you to get the context of the event that was held last month. A group of volunteers wanted to take on the challenge and raise the profile of Quality in the region. They put all their efforts together, and the first event was launched. I was delighted to be asked to present. I wanted to understand how Quality is viewed in other parts of the world. I strongly believe that Quality is a universal language, but I also fully understand that cultural difference can put emphasis on different areas for different regions. So I asked the audience, why are Quality Professionals important. Here is a sample of the answers I got.

The view is very much aligned. So what if the view differs depending on the sector the quality professionals come from. I wanted to know and I was pleased to see that the audience was very diverse. And this brings another layer of satisfaction – to me personally – that I am not alone in my views either.

The event was hosted by the Caribbean Branch chair Alison Gajadhar. I shared with the audience the flavour of what it is like to be involved with the CQI and my journey as a volunteer. Succilla Harrikissoon shared her views as well bringing her experience to the group and support from being part of setting up the Canadian branch.

So why is setting this branch important:

Reason 1: In 2021, the voice of Quality Professionals have not peaked yet. Some industries have made their mark in how to utilise the skills and expertise of Quality Professionals, while many others have not. With the world evolving, with Quality 4.0 growing, there is a need to combine efforts internationally, and ensure individuals and businesses continue to learn and understand the value such professionals bring. Setting up a Caribbean branch is not a step to increase visibility of the CQI. Setting up the Caribbean branch is a step to increase the visibility of the Quality as a Profession in a region that has a lot to offer.

Reason 2: The CQI’s 10 year strategy; also known as Strategy 2030; sets out the institutes deployment of initiatives in 3 stages: prepare to grow, transformation of value and global growth. The pandemic has been devastating in so many ways. But we owe it to ourselves to sit back a bit and reflect. The connectivity this pandemic has given us brings so much value if we know how to navigate. Yes, zoomed-out syndrome is still real. But beyond that, professionals from around the world can connect, share success stories, learn from each other, and more importantly inspire one another. This connectivity, when managed and maximised in the right way, can progress things much faster than anticipated.

I wanted to share with everyone who joined from the region one clear message.

There are different ways for anyone to engage and volunteer with the Chartered Quality Institute. But think beyond that, think about Quality as a profession. If you are not sure where to start, what a professional body can bring value to you at this point in time, simply Network! Participate with your local community, you will be surprised how powerful and insightful local communities are. Your success can inspire others, your challenges might have been experienced by others. Get involved, network, and let the journey unfold.

If you want to know more about the CQI strategy, you can access it on the CQI’s website here.

Are you engaging with your local community in any sector or profession? If you are, how is your journey unfolding? I welcome your comments and thoughts.

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