When it comes to getting your teams to deliver in a certain way, do you use your authority or do you use influential techniques? Think carefully before you answer this question. This is not a game on words, this could potentially be a dilemma for managers who are very keen on achieving a result promptly.

I am currently in Raleigh, North Carolina attending a global operations conference. Day one started by an activity held by the Director of Global Clinical Operations. To understand how the activity shaped up, here is the article that was shared with everyone.

‘It is Influence, not Authority that Makes a Great Leader! by Brigitte Hyacinth:

The corporate world is littered with managers but lacks leaders. Over the course of my career, I only had one manager who was a leader ( Joseph). He made such an impact and influenced my leadership style. It is a rare individual who excels in both managing and leading. Joseph was such an individual, and I would have worked for him in any company.

Today, there are too many individuals in positions who abuse their power. This is why good employees quit jobs.

Here are Five Qualities of Leaders…‘ You can read the full article here

So now that you have read the article, what is your take on it?

The question that was asked is what matters to you? If you are looking for a leader, what is the one thing that you would be looking for?

There are plenty of attributes that people can relate to and consider in alignment with their values.

To me personally, integrity is at the top of the tree. I was pleased to see that this was in line with what the author Brigitte. And here is why?

Working in any organisation or with any client depends highly on Hunan interaction. This interaction has a solid foundation of values. People will associate themselves with others based on shared values, shard visions, and shared outlook. Once you establish what you share with people around you, trust becomes more enforced. When things go wrong, you want someone to be trust worthy. You want someone to support you, to represent you. And that can only be the outcome of that person’s integrity. Yes, without integrity, trust will vanish, and without trust, any relationship, professional or personal is not tenable.

What matters to you in a leader? Do you believe integrity is important? If so, how would you define it?



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