It is not a surprise that when people are given some time off to spend with family and friends, that they reflect on the previous year and set some resolutions for the new year. And this is the time of the year when people make set some goals, hopes and aspirations. I am no different. 2018 was a great year with all its ups and downs. I am looking forward for a different 2019.

Yes, I say different because if this year was anything like 2018 (no matter how successful it was) that will be boring! I am usually good with my personal resolutions. This will be the first year I have professional resolutions. So it will be good to see how the year unfolds and whether these professional resolutions come to fruition.

Here is what I would like 2019 to bring:

  • Masters of Science degree in Applied Project Management, Managing Innovation and Change. Hopefully, I will submit my dissertation in the spring hoping for a summer graduation
  • Continue to volunteer for the Chartered Quality Institute and hopefully mentor a new Quality professional outside my current job
  • Continue to volunteer for Project Management Institute in the capacity of a mentor
  • Ensure that each of my team members go through a professional development programme to enhance their skills further
  • Commit to a very balanced work-life schedule and lifestyle
  • Publish more posts on my blog
  • Interact with more followers on twitter

Hopefully, I will be able to achieve them all in a satisfactory way to me and all my stakeholders.

Do you have any professional business goals that you have set for yourself? Care to share some of them to inspire me and others?


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