One of the things I am very proud of this year is the volunteering I have done along side 9 other Quality Professionals in London with The Chartered Quality Institute. We set up a committee in August 2017, and planned events for 2018. We were expected to deliver 4 events, but ended up delivering 8. The CQILondon branch consisted of people who work in construction, pharmaceuticals, rail, travel, consulting, and employee wellbeing sectors.

In this post I will share a round up of all the events we planned and hosted with a brief of their description. Some of the events I blogged about. You will find the link embedded in those I have.

  1. The Power of Knowledge Management – February
  2. Context of the Organisation: an overview of this concept and its importance in ISO9001 for auditors – March
  3. Supply Chain Value through Certifying Bodies: April
  4. Managing Auditor’s Competencies: June
  5. GDPR – 2 months in: after the entire fuss settled down, what does GDPR actually means – July
  6. A workshop on Trust for World Quality Day:  a workshop hosted to collaborate and come up with different ideas to promote trust – September
  7. CQI Competency Framework – October
  8. Britain: Four Brexit Scenarios – November (keep an eye for a blog post about this event) the blog is now published (Feb. 2019)

And since you are here, here are the 2 benchmark events we hosted in 2017, the term the branch was formed:

  1. Addressing Quality in Clinical Trials: October 2017
  2. Scenario Planning: assuming tomorrow is like today is probably wrong – November 2017

Of course if you are a member of the CQI, you can read all the write ups about those events in the Quality world magazine that is published monthly.

I hope you enjoyed those events if you attended in person. And if you just joined the events through my blog, I hope they were thought provoking and inspired you to implement some ideas at work.

Stay tuned for 2019 as the CQI London branch is committed to deliver events through out to engage with the Quality Professionals of London. Don’t forget 2019 is the year the Chartered Quality Institute celebrates 100 years of driving Quality.

Stay tuned! Until then, I wish you all a very merry Christmas if you celebrate and a happy holiday season if you don’t!

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