The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) London branch continues to plan and deliver events every month. In June, the the topic was about Managing Innovation.

The CQI’s competency framework is about leadership, assurance, governance, improvement and context. When the process of assurance is taking place, problems are identified and broken processes are highlighted. Fixing problems and processes is not always an easy task, especially in a global world where customers have the complete understanding of what they want and what to expect from a service or a product. Companies continue to bring new ideas to stay relevant to the market while addressing their short comings.

This is how Managing Invocation speaker Brian Rutter, CQP FCQI geared the event at the London Quality Branch event in June.

Innovation is not a new idea. Anyone can bring ideas to the table. In fact, companies come up with lots of ideas on regular basis. It is ensuring that businesses have a process in place that can put such ideas under the toughest and strictest “endurance” test to ensure the best idea survives.


This is how leadership in organisation ensures that employees can understand context and come up with ideas that are relevant and fit for purpose to support assurance and governance.

The event in June was an hour long and Brian focused a lot on having a robust process in place and on engaging with customers and employees equally.

An idea can no longer exist in isolation, and today’s world context no longer means the culture of the company. Organisation have to take into consideration their interested parties and ensure political, economical, environmental, technological, social and legal parties are all taken into consideration while managing innovation. Failing to do so will undoubtedly jeopardise the sustainability of any idea.

Plenty of examples were given about organisations that defeated “the norm” and continued to explore innovation to keep themselves relevant in an ever changing world.

If you would like to attend such events, the CQI London branch aims at hosting one event a month. Those events are usually free to members and non-members. Keep an eye at the Events tab on the CQI website and let me know if you are attending! The July event is in few weeks and will talk about GDPR.

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