Starting 2018 on a high note! End of summer, the marketing department for my current employer received a request from the editing team of Project Management Institute to publish an article about my work in the field.

Approval was granted and I was interviewed by Novid Parsi, a writer and editor for the PM Network magazine. The interview was 50 minutes long and covered different aspects of my role. The “Small Talk” section is a cool way to bring personalities to the article too.

Say the truth, but in sweet manners!” is the best professional advice I received. It helped me a lot when reporting unpleasant project data.

The article focuses on the implementation of an enterprise-wide project management office (PMO) and introducing project management standards to the 35-year-old organisation. My role, the projects my team manage, challenges and benefits are all areas covered in the article.

What’s the one skill every project manager should have?

What is the best professional advice you ever received?
What is the biggest challenge you face?
You rose to this senior-level position a decade into your career. How did you develop the skills you needed?
Are some of the questions I answered.

I am very pleased to see the final article out. Being a project manager, working in a global organisation with virtual teams is rewarding but not an easy task.

Click on the link below to read the entire interview:

PMNetwork Artcile – Scaling Up Jan2018

You can also access the entire magazine here.
Happy Reading!

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