Throughout my career I followed a structured approach to applying business management systems and assessing their effectiveness. Few years back, I went for my Lead Auditor training to become a lead auditor for the ISO9001:2008 / 2015 framework. This has brought the Chartered Quality Institute into my life. An independent body that aims at formalising and recognised the Quality Profession globally. They have set five key competencies that each quality professional must have.

You can read more about the framework and its details in my previous post:
An International Quality Framework – The CQI 

Late Spring I was informed of the first International Quality Awards that the institute is holding this year. The aim is to recognise professionals from across the world for the positive change and impact they contribute to inter organisations. The award was in five categories and most of them was not only open to the network of 20,000 plus auditors and quality professionals, but also to any quality professional out there.

Quality Professional in a New Project” is the category I became a finalist in. The top 3 in the whole world for the inauguration of an awards event of this scale. Something I cannot but be proud of. The event awarded professionals like the CEO of Crossrail Andrew Wolstenholme, and John Oakland from Oakland Consulting; both for their ongoing work in Quality in the construction sector and operational excellence respectively.

The event took place in London at the Merchant Taylor Hall, a grand location that suits the occasion. At the end of it all, there were around 145 applicants, 16 finalists, and 5 winners and the event was attended by over 200 professionals. And I was part of it all.

Merchant Taylor Hall


Since then, The CQI published a short video about the event. You can view the entire post on their website over here.

Here is an extract of the interview they held with me:

What is it that I have done to get to this stage? Watch the space! The CQI is publishing an ebook that includes all of our case studies and the role we played in achieving better results in our organisations.

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